Margins for spot UV varnishing should be a minimum of 5mm on side and a minimum of 15 mm on grip edge. Spray powder should be used to a minimum as this can interfere with the visual quality of the finished product.

High wax content inks should be avoided as they can cause poor adhesion of the varnish to board. Lightfast inks should be used instead.

Spot UV varnish over edges or cuts should be avoided, as is the same for scores. Place a varnish free channel where crease will fall,this only needs to be 1-2 mm to avoid cracking or varnish, avoid uncoated stocks.

Max sheet size: 740×1,020mm

Minimum sheets size: 450x320mm

Max gsm: 400 gsm

Minimum gsm: 400 gsm

Screen Gumming

UV-coated or Matt coated stocks work best, minimum ink coverage should be used under the glue area, no solid ink coverage under the glue or in the area it will stick to moist or re-moist gum area is related to bond strength.