Collate Coil and Wiro Binding

Collating and Glue – Off

Printglaze can offer either to collate from folded sections or flat single 2pp sections, tabbed or shaped, thickness can range from 2mm to 55mm . we process all folded sections on a eighteen station gathering line and a ten station Col-tec ten station collating line for flats

Contact Printglaze planning prior to print for a guide as to ensure most economic planning prior to punching for you Coil-binding or Wiro-binding

Minimum sizes are from A7 to A3 plus tabloid size  ,  a large range of coil/wire stocks are held

Coil and Wiro Binding

We offer both coil and wiro-binding, this type of binding is the most commonly used process for diaries, school books for publications that require excellent lay flat and long binding life


  • Standard wiro binding
  • Half Canadian wiro binding
  • Wiro binding onto flap
  • Wiro with glued pockets
  • Wiro binding onto a case cover
  • Skip wiro binding
  • Continues plastic coil binding with locked ends

Other options including corner pocket, clip in rulers ,polypropylene front and back

Protective covers, after shrink wrapping into singles , contact Printglaze Production for your requirements