Printglaze are proud to have one of the largest variety of lamination services available anywhere in Ireland and with all items in stock we are able to keep lead times to a minimum.

All of our films have their own unique look and feel that can improve the aesthetics of any finished product. By selecting the appropriate lamination film for your client’s project you will automatically increase strength and durability, while at the same time defining the look, feel and image of the underlying print.

The original and still the ultimate high impact finish that brings vibrancy to colours and monochrome alike. Great at capturing your audience’s attention from the outset

We believe our matt film is a touch of pure class. Rich, smooth and the simplest way to add depth and quality to your print. Typically used on corporate brochures, book covers and luxury packaging. This finish is often used in conjunction with Spot UV to create a lasting impression.

This classy and elegant finish captures the luxurious quality of Matt lamination whilst adding a sophisticated sheen to create a truly unique finish.

A Sleek finish that is the perfect blend of Silk and Matt, which also displays superior resistance to scuffing and finger marking.

A subtle film with neutral tone that stays true to the print underneath. Often overlooked, but when combined with the right job can create truly magnificent results.


Organic Lamination is the environmentally conscious alternative to traditional plastic films and is now available in Gloss, Matt, Semitone and Satin.This latest technology is manufactured completely from naturally renewable resources and is totally compatible with our Spot UV varnishes and Foilblocking range.

The key environmental benefits are:

Organic films conform to the internationally recognised DIN 13432 standard and as such are fully compostable

Organic films are made from the wood pulp from accredited forests where no more tree are harvested than planted every year. No endangered hardwoods are contained within these films.

Organic films are made from Cellulose material and are readily recyclable along with paper in a repulping process.


Pearlescent from Reflections provides for an opaque laminate that delivers a fabulous pearlescent appearance to the final sheet. The product is available in gold, silver, red, and blue, and all of these films are biodegradable.

This finish provides for a classy, up market effect that is often under-utilized. The fact that it is also environmentally friendly will be a huge bonus and attract even more customers to this great product.

Typical uses might include confectionery, perfumery, cosmetics, or other packaging product that requires a touch of luxury, and that “something special” in its finish.

Holographic Range

The ultimate in decorative coatings. These transparent films can either be used over print to enhance a product or underneath print.

There are literally hundreds of different designs and patterns, in fact the range is so varied that it’s even possible to have a company logo designed within the film.

A few of the most popular finishes have been described below, but if there is a particular pattern or brief that you are working with then just let us know

Appearence of frosted crystals

Lots of different

The appearance of oil on water

Available in different sizes

Always a valentines favourite

Matt Anti-Scuff

This new product prevents unsightly marking on Matt laminated work and ensures that even after binding or hand finishing the job is still perfectly presentable.

Matt Anti-Scuff is a high quality lamination film with a specially designed hard coated layer which protects the look and feel of the matt finish. This latest technology is now readily available and ideally suited for follow-on processing such as Spot UV Varnishing and Foilblocking.

We strongly recommend this film when producing prestigious corporate brochures, perfect bound and stitched covers, hand finished products or any work being shipped over long distances.

Gloss Anti-Scuff

After the success of Matt Anti-Scuff, we were able to go on and develop a Gloss version of this film. Once again we have utilised the hard coating technology available and added an additional layer of protection to the surface of this film.

Of course Gloss Lamination has never been prone to highlighting the marks that can be caused by additional processing, but nevertheless if you are manufacturing work of a real bespoke high quality or something that needs to be endured then we would strongly recommend this finish.

Silk Anti-Scuff

Printglaze proudly present the final instalment in our Anti-Scuff trilogy. Silk Anti-Scuff is truly impervious to scuffs and scratches, while still capturing the sophisticated and luxurious sheen brought only from a silk finish. We have specifically developed this finish on the back of our clients ever increasing appetite for Anti-Scuff technology and once more promises to open new doors for product enhancement.

Make sure your product will stand the test of time. Choose Silk Anti-Scuff.

Strip Lamination

Sometimes you might not want to cover an entire sheet with Lamination, perhaps you want to keep the glue flaps clear or maybe you only want one side of your cover to look glossy and the reverse to look Matt.

Well thanks to our in depth knowledge of Lamination and our company’s approach to always try something new this is now possible. We would always recommend having a proof done first and talking to us in advance of any up coming orders, as there can be a few pitfalls with this unless we help guide you through.

Textured Lamination

Textured lamination offers an interesting alternative to more traditional grained and textured paper stocks. Our textured films can be applied to both sides of a printed sheet if required or just to one side only, leaving the reverse free from texture or show through.

Applying a texture at the finishing stage immediately enhances both the appearance
and the feel of the product and also means that the cost of buying expensive paper stock can be avoided, as well as the inevitable difficulties of actually printing on them! These embossed films provide excellent durability and scratch resistance, while at the same time providing a subtle depth to your print.

These films typically lend themselves to book covers, magazine covers or folders, but could indeed be used in more general commercial print.

Textures Available: Sand, Linen, Leather, Brush Strokes

Soft Touch

Soft Touch is a laminated finish that creates a luxurious, high quality feel to the surface of any printed sheet. Being a clear film that has the appearance of a dull rich Matt finish, we feel that this film is ideally suited for the packaging
of luxury goods, as it provides an instant “up market” feel to any product.

The arrival of this product into the market really couldn’t be any better timed, as everyone seems to be craving more tactile and original finishes to their work.

Soft Touch really can have the effect of making people want to pick it up and not put it back down and with the fact it has such great scuff resistance, the extra attention that this film demands just won’t be an issue.

Unfortunately words and pictures just can’t do this Laminate justice, so order a sample today and see for yourself.

Metal Glaze

Metal Glaze is another product from our lamination range which is a high chrome mirror film lamination which offers an improved reflective finish on our traditional coats. Of course, this silver film comes at a higher cost which is reflective of the high quality of the finished products. We refer to these products as our Metal-Glaze range. Printing over Metal-Glaze requires the us of Foil/Vinyl, screen or UV inks we recommend you discuss with your ink supplier what’s best for you.