These finishes can provide the ultimate in decorative appeal. They are not limited to gold and silver foils, but extend to an impressive range of pigmented, holographic and security foils.

All of these can be combined with embossed images to produce varying tactile effects – any one of which will enhance the printed message and provide shelf appeal for greetings cards, cartons, magazine covers, brochures etc.

Security foils

These foils are primarily used to uniquely identify products and have the added benefits of deterring theft and counterfeiting.

By including these foils on P.O.S materials they give the product a very distinctive high profile appearance. These foils are available “off the peg” in a number of designs or they can be made “bespoke” to your individual requirements.

Textured foils

These foils are available in a myriad of designs or you can create your own unique image. They will give a design energy and provide an eyecatching alternative to traditional flat foil.

These foils are also a cost effective alternative to security foils and they give companies the opportunity to use unique images which can be duplicated in their P.O.S material.


Embossing gives you the opportunity to enhance your print with stunning 3-D effects. Embossing is particularly effective when used in conjunction with our other processes i.e matt lamination and spot UV with the spot UV image embossed out of the lamination or foilblocking and embossing… Let your imagination run wild!

Max sheet size: 740×1,020mm

Minimum sheet size: 450x320mm

Max gsm: 600 gsm

Min gsm: 100 gsm