Cutting & Creasing

Printglaze has one of the largest “in-house” finishing plants of its type in Ireland, boasting B1 die cutting at speeds of 7,000 sheets per hour and 24-hour production is a given.

So it really is no wonder that more and more customers are choosing our professional services time and time again, making us a complete one-stop shop for your finishing requirements. All machines are capable of inline auto stripping from 70gsm to 2000 microns.

The great thing is that we are all under one roof and if your job has multiple processes we can just take care of everything from start to finish.

Die Cutting

Printglaze know that the best way to become established is to “put your money where your mouth is”, so with the installation of our new Iberica jR 105 we did!

This type of machinery investment really does show how serious and committed we are to producing the most accurate and precision cutting available in the market.


Often this simple yet essential element can be overlooked in terms of producing a quality finish, however at Printglaze we know how critical this part of the process can be.

For instance, if too much pressure is applied the paper stock will split and very quickly begin to look tatty and second rate. If not enough pressure is used the product simply won’t fold effectively and the job will not look professional. It requires know-how and experience to achieve the right balance, and that’s what we specialize in.

Kiss Cutting

This technique involves a very specialized cutting tool that doesn’t cut the entire way through the substrate. It amazingly leaves the backing stock intact and, for example, will allow for the creation of stickers. The quality of our Kiss Cutting is second to none.


Embossing gives you the opportunity to enhance your print with stunning 3D effects. Many elements of an image can be embossed including text with the addition of coloured metallic foils and spot UV varnish this makes the embossing process really standout.


A series of slits punched into a sheet of paper to ease in tearing along a specific line. Perforations are typically used to create a tear off-strip for customer details to be filled in, or a coupon.

Die / Forme Making

Every die cutting job begins with the creation of a cutting tool which is referred to as a “Die”. These dies require precision manufacturing by people who understand the importance of accuracy and getting the job right first time.

That’s why Printglaze employ their very own in-house team, who not only guarantee the workmanship, but also the flexibility of production that is required for today’s modern print environment. Whilst many finishing houses will blame delivery delays on the speed of obtaining the cutting forme, at Printglaze we take that variable out of the equation!

Film Creation

Film creation for the production of cutting and creasing formes is handled in-house at Printglaze. We don’t trust the production of such a vital ingredient to our finishing processes to an outside agency!

Packaging Requirements

At Printglaze we are always happy to follow your instructions to the letter, so if you prefer us to use double wall boxes for that extra bit of protection, or you literally want us to wrap a piece of string round it then let us know.