A UV Varnish is a liquid coating that is applied to the surface of a sheet (available in Gloss, Matt and Silk finishes) which is then dried / cured under an ultra violet light.

Varnishing is one of the best methods available to greatly enhance the appearance of a printed sheet and after applying a UV varnish you can instantly see the difference. The vibrancy of any underlying colour will have dramatically increased, creating a great first impression and make your print or product more likely to be retained. It can also help protect the underlying print, acting as a physical barrier preventing additional set off and marking.

UV Varnishing is so popular in todays print market that you can see its use and the value that is brings in every aspect of the industry. So whether its an overall coating or a spot effect that you are looking for make sure that you incorporate it into your print and get the most from this visually stunning technology.

Outlined below are just a few examples of where you will typically find Printglaze varnish being used and the benefits available

Spot Gloss-Kote

Gloss-Kote keeps costs down while producing super gloss and excellent  rub and scuff resistance. it is ideal for magazines, paperbacks, brochures, annual reports, greeting cards, directories or anywhere an eye catching glossy front cover is required. As it is a liquid coating, the substrate needs to have a sufficient hold out for the gloss coating to stand on top and be effective. Gloss-Kote makes it possible for a premium gloss finish for high  volume and cost conscious products.

Spot Matt-Kote

Spot Matte-Kote can sometimes have more impact on the graphic design than gloss pending the use of your colours. So think of Spot Matte-Kote when wanting to provide contrast between a glossy surface and a normal printed surface.

Clever uses of Spot matte-Kote haver been in conjunction with our gloss lamination Gloss-Kote. The glossy surface provide by Gloss-Kote allows Spot Matte-Kote to highlight darker images, shapes or patterns in your design offering amazing contrast.

High Build-Kote

Increase your design profile with the raised effect of High Build-Kote. A rich clear glossy high build coating that adds lift for that ultimate effect. High Build-Kote offers a three dimensional look and feel to your printed sheet.. The graphic design is critical in achieving amazing results with High Build-Kote, make that splash of water look real or bring your background to life with a pattern.

Add High Build-Kote to your magazine or book cover it will provide a stylish look to that title treatment or masthead. The options don’t end there, what about packaging – cosmetic,pharmaceutical and wine or spirit boxes.


Glitter-Kote provides a glittering effect when applied to selected areas of a printed image. It’s glossy, eye-catching and adds “shelf appeal” to a wide range of printed products. Available in a wide range of colours gold, silver red,blue green and multi colour to name a few. If you want to know more about the range of colours contact your Printglaze team. Different to other forms of glitter application as our Glitter-Kote is trapped in our coating therefore the glitter is sealed and protected.


Re-Moist gum is a water based adhesive, pattern screen applied for a flat laser compatible gum, for reply Direct Mailers.


Scratch-Kote has many promotional activities associated with ts use whether its from a supermarket chain, a shopping centre or your local pub/club the concept remains the same. Scratch-Kote works! It Continues to be a product that will stand the test of time because of its unique and mystic qualities. the idea that the customer scratches a panel on the surface of a printed ticket to reveal a hidden prize. It is used in lottery type situations and other promotions where customer awareness and brand loyalties are heightened through cash or free giveaways.


Just scratch this coating to release the scent we have placed onto the printed graphic area. Our Scratch ‘n’ Scent-Kote (SNS) library is continually expanding and we can even assist in the customising of a new scent. Our SNS product is applied via the screen process so you or your customer have control on where it is placed. Depending on the coverage and positioning of the scent it is possible for two or three scents to be applied on a sheet, but please be careful of cross contamination as one scnet could cancel out the scent of another. So if it’s a new perfume, hair shampoo/conditioner or washing powder we can work with existing products to create a SNS promo piece. So let your Printglaze team help you with your next scratch and sniff project.

Bubble UV-Kote

A touch sensation. Bubble Uv-Kote products a raised textured finish to match the printed graphic to give it a feel as well as the look. Make a printed roadway feel like a road, make a snake skin feel like it is, add realism to a sandy beach. Bubble UV-Kote gives the design a three dimensional touch and texture bringing your job to life. It is ideal for book covers, brochures, advertising graphics.